Uyeda (Cairo Prince-McSpice, by Pulpit) was purchased from the Mid-Atlantic two year olds in training sale in May 2019 for $12,500.

After a couple of months on the farm he started training, but one August night got a bit rambunctious in his stall and ripped a board down, in the process driving a nail through his ankle. He was rushed to the equine hospital where it was found he somehow had not caused any significant structural damage.

However, while in treatment he developed a severe case of colic, which included an impaction that required surgery. He was 50/50 to survive the night. He was day to day for the weeks that followed, with one doctor at one point putting his chance of survival at around 30%.

It was a tremendous ordeal. It cost us a strategic partnership. It set back our financial plan. It was weeks of distressing nervousness. Sounds like horse racing.

And now he just won his debut in Tampa on March 6th, 2020. Root for him. He’s a fighter.