September 9, 2019Fear NoneDelaware ParkMaiden Claiming2
September 2, 2019WhereshetoldmetogoParxStakes5Bensalem Stakes
September 1, 2019Rising BellaMonmouth ParkStakes2VideoSorority Stakes
August 22, 2019Sight of HeavenDelaware ParkAllowance5
August 7, 2019Hardcore FolkloreSaratogaClaiming1Claimed for $25K
August 7, 2019Rising BellaDelaware ParkMaiden Claiming1Video
July 27, 2019Sight of HeavenLaurel ParkAllowance3
July 25, 2019Hardcore FolkoreDelaware ParkStarter Allowance2
July 17, 2019Summer VowDelaware ParkMaiden Claiming5
July 8, 2019Rising BellaDelaware ParkMaiden Claiming6
July 6, 2019Hardcore FolkloreDelaware ParkClaiming3
June 26, 2019Summer VowDelaware ParkMaiden Claiming6
June 20, 2019Sight of HeavenDelaware ParkMaiden Claiming1Video
June 13, 2019Hardcore FolkloreDelaware ParkClaiming1
May 29, 2019Summer VowDelaware ParkMaiden Claiming3
May 22, 2019Sight of HeavenDelaware ParkMaiden Special Weight4
May 18, 2019Beacos Disco PantsMonmouth ParkClaiming3Claimed away
May 18, 2019Hardcore FolkloreDelaware ParkClaiming1Video
May 6, 2019Beacos Disco PantsDelaware ParkClaiming1
May 4, 2019Hardcore FolkloreDelaware ParkMaiden Claiming1Video
April 12, 2019Beacos Disco PantsLaurel ParkClaiming2
April 6, 2019Crypto CurrencyLaurel ParkClaiming2Claimed away
March 13, 2019Crypto CurrencyGulfstream ParkClaiming8
March 9, 2019Hardcore FolkloreFair GroundsClaiming10
March 3, 2019ThreeohtwocassieGulfstream ParkClaiming1Video
February 17, 2019Beacos Disco PantsGulfstream ParkClaiming7
February 16, 2019ThreeohtwocassieGulfstream ParkClaiming2
February 1, 2019Beacos Disco PantsTampa Bay DownsClaiming5
February 1, 2019Crypto CurrencyGulfstream ParkClaiming5
January 17, 2019Crypto CurrencyGulfstream ParkClaiming8
January 11, 2019Hardcore FolkloreFair GroundsMaiden ClaimingDNFSuffered concussion thrashing in gate
January 11, 2019Beacos Disco PantsGulfstream ParkClaiming2
January 2, 2019Crypto CurrencyGulfstream ParkStarter Optional Claiming7
December 29, 2018ThreeohtwocassieTampa Bay DownsAllowance9
December 27, 2018Beacos Disco PantsGulfstream ParkClaiming6
December 13, 2018VampaGulfstream ParkClaiming7Claimed for $25K
December 5, 2018ThreeohtwocassieTampa Bay DownsClaiming6
November 17, 2018VampaParxAllowance4
November 10, 2018Crypto CurrencyLaurel ParkClaiming8
November 3, 2018Summer VowLaurel ParkClaiming6
October 13, 2018VampaDelaware ParkStarter Optional Claiming1
October 4, 2018Summer VowDelaware ParkClaiming4
October 4, 2018Beacos Disco PantsDelaware ParkClaiming1Video
September 27, 2018Crypto CurrencyDelaware ParkOptional Claiming6
September 22, 2018WhereshetoldmetogoParxGraded Stakes2VideoGallant Bob Stakes (G3), including the infamous "bite"
September 22, 2018ThreeohtwocassieParxStakes3
September 19, 2018Beacos Disco PantsDelaware ParkClaiming6
September 19, 2018Summer VowDelaware ParkMaiden Special7
September 19, 2018PressdamusicbuttonDelaware ParkClaiming1Video
September 6, 2018VampaDelaware ParkClaiming1Video
September 1, 2018Crypto CurrencyMonmouth ParkStakes5Sapling Stakes
August 30, 2018Summer VowDelaware ParkMaiden Special7
August 30, 2018Beacos Disco PantsDelaware ParkMaiden Special5
August 24, 2018ThreeohtwocassieMonmouth ParkAllowance4
August 18, 2018WhereshetoldmetogoLaurel ParkStakes1VideoStar De Naskra Stakes
August 16, 2018VampaDelaware ParkWaiver Maiden Claiming4
August 13, 2018Beacos Disco PantsDelaware ParkMaiden Special2Video
August 8, 2018Maggie I'll Find UDelaware ParkClaiming3
August 8, 2018Summer VowDelaware ParkMaiden Special4
July 28, 2018Maggie I'll Find UPenn NationalClaiming2
July 25, 2018Crypto CurrencyDelaware ParkMaiden Special1Video
July 23, 2018PressdamusicbuttonDelaware ParkClaiming6
July 18, 2018Summer VowDelaware ParkMaiden Special2Video
July 7, 2018WhereshetoldmetogoLaurel ParkStakes1VideoConcern Stakes
July 5, 2018Maggie I'll Find UDelaware ParkClaiming2Video
June 22, 2018Beacos Disco PantsLaurel ParkClaiming6
June 21, 2018Crypto CurrencyDelaware ParkAllowance4
June 14, 2018ThreeohtwocassieDelaware ParkAllowance1Video
June 11, 2018Maggie I'll Find UDelaware ParkClaiming5
June 9, 2018WhereshetoldmetogoDelaware ParkAllowance1Video102 Beyer
June 10, 2018PressdamusicbuttonMonmouth ParkMaiden Special6
May 31, 2018Maggie I'll Find UDelaware ParkClaiming2
May 25, 2018Beacos Disco PantsBelmont ParkMaiden Special7
May 17, 2018SchiantiPimlicoClaiming3Claimed for $16K
May 5, 2018WhereshetoldmetogoMonmouth ParkAllowance9Trying out turf - no go
May 4, 2018Maggie I'll Find UPenn NationalClaiming4
April 22, 2018ThreeohtwocassieLaurel ParkAllowance8Return from six month layoff
April 21, 2018WhereshetoldmetogoCharles TownStakes4
March 10, 2018WhereshetoldmetogoAqueductG3 Stakes5Gotham Stakes - Derby points shot.
February 17, 2018WhereshetoldmetogoGulfstream ParkStakes1Video
January 6, 2018WhereshetoldmetogoGulfstream ParkStakes4
December 9, 2017WhereshetoldmetogoGulfstream ParkStakes2
November 11, 2017WhereshetoldmetogoLaurel ParkStakes4
September 30, 2017ThreeohtwocassieLaurel ParkG3 Stakes5
September 30, 2017WhereshetoldmetogoDelaware ParkStakes1First State Dash
September 2, 2017WhereshetoldmetogoMonmouth ParkStakes6Sapling Stakes
August 28, 2017ThreeohtwocassieDelaware ParkAllowance1
July 27, 2017Maggie I'll Find UDelaware ParkClaiming1
July 22, 2017ThreeohtwocassieParxStakes (Black Type)1
July 15, 2017WhereshetoldmetogoDelaware ParkAllowance2
June 8, 2017WhereshetoldmetogoDelaware ParkMaiden Claiming1