Le Poulain de La Ville Rouge (Barbaro)

Do you remember the day I was pulled from my Mama’s womb?
How she looked at me with love and pride?
Take that memory and hold it close
Please don’t cry for me I was born of La Ville Rouge
You smiled take that smile and always remember me that way

Do you remember the day that I was seperated from my Mama?
Last best Place and I were together and grew strong with each others company but soon I would have to leave him too. I stayed strong though.
Take that Memory and hold it close
Please don’t cry for me I was born of La Ville Rouge
I was strong and so are you always remember me that way

Do you remember my first race?
I didn’t want to load in the gate that day in  Delaware. But when the gate opened up I broke sharp and gave chase and chased down the leader and won that race.
Take that memory and hold it close
Please don’t cry for me I was born of La Ville Rouge
I was victorious remember me that way

Do you remember when I won the Kentucky Derby?
I ran so hard . I remember the sweet smell of the roses
as they were placed on my back.
The rose is a symbol of promise
Take that Memory and hold it close
Please don’t cry for me I was born of La Ville Rouge
My word is my bond remember me that way

Do you remember the misstep in the Preakness?
I remember Edgar jumping off my back telling me to be still
I was in so much pain . The days that followed you were there.
I fought so hard injury after injury. But then my feet started to hurt.
I was in so much pain. Your love gave me the courage to fight as long as I did.
Take that memory and hold it close.
Please don’t cry for me I was born of La Ville Rouge
I was courageous because of your love remember me that way

Do you see what I see?
Mom the greats are here they were wating by the Apple Tree
Mom  Ruffian, Phar Lap and Prarie Bayou were all at the bridge as I crossed.
I am safe Mom. Mom the messages are for you from the greats
Ruffian says you will hear my nicker in the wind
Phar Lap says you will feel my breath on your cheek in the breeze
Prarie Bayou says  you will hear the thundering of my hooves in the rain
I know I will always feel your hand  upon my mane
That is the Memory I take with me
Please don’t cry for me I was born of La Ville Rouge
I will be here at the apple tree when you come across the
bridge and then we can make more memories.
Until then
Maman je t’aime et tu me manques

At Liberty

As I walk alone, I am trapped in my own head
I kick the sand and wonder how do I get your trust
You stand there a little over fifteen hands high
Your eyes are soft and gentle
Your mannerism is sweet yet your heart had once been broken
I listen to the beating of your heart and feel the beating of my own
I know that if we connect it will be for a lifetime and with one heart
As I walk towards you my mind gentle I look at your haunches to earn the
Position of alpha
I feel your eyes upon me and I turn to face you and our agreement made
As I look into your eyes I see the reflection of my soul and then our hearts,
Breath and mind become one.
I turn and  I walk and I feel your breath at my right side behind me as you
Take your place in the herd, our herd of two.
Your hoof steps in time with my foot steps.
We breathe together and our hearts are in a rhythm of a secret alliance
This alliance that we have built with trust and respect.
For I am at Liberty with you my Sweet.

Ruffian and Foolish Pleasure

The Queen and Her Fool
They called you the Queen of Hearts and
When you fell you broke a Nation’s Heart
Your dance with Royalty began in the womb with such names as:
Shenanigans, Bold Ruler and Native Dancer. You were    burning  from the start
Your coat was as shiny as ebony
White star upon your forehead and White Band circling your left hind foot
Muscles Rippling at every turn a heart that beat with the rhythm of your hoof beats
Every Hoofbeat Thunders in my heart
You had the attention from many and many who knew Royalty. Lucien stated “Look at the size of her, Christ Almighty Look at that.”
You took his breath away.
You raced every race as if it was your last. You loved the track it was your home, your passion, your birth right.  You thundered around every turn and flirted with a furlong like a teaser pony. The ground Your toy and the course Your Royal Kingdom.

Every Mare bowed as you passed by. You had declared your throne. You took your crown and sector and ruled the game of Kings.
The Queen in the World of Kings
The age old battle of the sexes and you were on top. The King came and challenged your throne, your right to passage, your destiny. When you ran you were described as being “bold  and arrogant, conceited and impetuous”. Foolish Pleasure  was the King and in your mind Foolish is what you would prove him to be as you took the Pleasure and putting him in his rightful place on his knees before the Queen.
A clear day Boys versus Girls all of your blood lines quivering  through your veins. The Ghosts of Belmont lining the way, your heritage on the line.  Your crown being threatened you are going to make it a pleasure to show him as a fool in your Royal Court .
The Fire of those before you are in your soul
You broke, he broke and he led the way  just as you had and Jacinto agreed. Run Foolish Boy Run. Then as you planned you allowed the  spirit of your forefathers to surge through your veins and your muscles rippled from pure delight  as your hooves moved with the beating of your heart.  The Rhythm of the Game of Kings had been set by the true  one of the Queen.
The track was your Birthright and where you belonged
A Crack a mindless man screaming “ Ruffian has broken down ,Ruffian has broken down.”  You are the Queen and no one shall bring you down, not on your track,  not when you  were born to run. This is your Kingdom and you Rule it. That colt crossed the wire How Dare He????
Your down, you attempt to run on three legs. Jacinto is trying to pull you back and get you to come down.  You are saying, “ You Stupid Human let me RUN!!”  Jacinto his heart is breaking you finally give.  He leaves your side his head down you see this and you rear up and struggle on three legs.
Your Spirit Your Heart Your Soul On Fire
The big green horse trailer you were forced into as that colt took your kingdom from you. Even after you were subdued and were coming out of the anesthesia you were running. You were finishing the race.   You were going to run the race, your way and take that crown back from that Fool.
As the people gather, you close your eyes and drift off to sleep for the last time: You smell the dirt of the track. You close your eyes as you feel the weight of the garland of roses draped over your neck the smell of the roses and the gentle loving pat of Jacinto’s hand knowing together you had once again proven who ruled your Kingdom .
Bold Ruler and Native Dancer are welcoming you home
You have proven your heritage and your birth right just as Native Dancer before you. You see him in the distance. Drifting off you run your final race. You are free of man and his saddles and bridles.  You are free just as you came into the world.
You fell at the pole near the  infield and that is where you lie. You have a gravestone that speaks of your accomplishments. Beneath the green grass you lie in a white shroud with your two red saddle blankets with the initials of Locust Hill Farms embroidered in white placed upon your neck and back. Your rose upon your head.
You are the Inspiration and run every race
You have become a name, a legend and your story known by all men.  As you run in Heaven’s pastures you have become the queen of all Equine.  You have taken your crown and sector back and rule your Kingdom amongst the angels. We here on Earth will always remain your servants to you the mighty “Queen Of Hearts.” 

Ruffian April 14, 1972   ~~~ July 7, 1975


Figlio Della Grandezza (Child of Greatness)

 I have been called a non-descriptive horse. Even my name is non-descriptive “Whereshetoldmetogo”.
 I did my job every morning. I always listened to my rider
                                                                    My Grandsire is Pulpit
                                                                   Il Suo Sanger Scorre Nelles(1)
 I was well behaved in the paddock. I did as I was asked. I was well behaved in the gate for my jockey.
 I always did my best and won a few races. My last win at the Star De Naskara Stakes I edged away.
I had a Non-descriptive win. I did my job.
                                                                    My Great Grandsire is AP Indy
                                                                    Il Suo Sanger Scorre Nelles (1)   

In the Gallant Bob S Stakes the calls were about me rallying from last place. I did my best. I did my job.  I listened to my jockey. 

My Great Great Grandsire is Seattle Slew                                   
Il Suo Sanger Scorre Nelles  (1)                       

The Bloodlines of my Grandsires surged and in a moment in time I wanted that win. I lost the lead to Firenze Fire.  I lost control and felt the greatness and I savaged him as he approached the wire.

My Great Great Great Granddam is Weekend Surprise and her father 


Know This And Remember                

Se Non Puoi Batterli, Mordili (2)

Questa Famiglia Non Slende Senza Combat Ere (3) 

Il Suo Cuore Batte Nel Mio Petto  (4)                                              

                                                                                            I AM GREATNESS

Italian Translations        (1)     Il Suo Sanger Scorre Nelles ( His Blood Runs Through My Veins)                                       (2)    Se Non Puoi Batterli, Mordili (If you can’t beat them, bite them )
                                        (3)  Questa Famiglia Non Slende Senza Combat Ere   (This Family doesn’t go down without a fight)                                        (4)  Il Suo Cuore Batte Nel Mio Petto   ( Her Heart Beats Within My Chest)   

© Carrie Wellman