Thoroughbred horse racing.  The Sport of Kings.  Where champions are crowned and immortals rise.

But what about the rest?  What does it take for a smaller outfit to compete with the elite?

Black Cloud Stable intends to tell that story.  Go behind the scenes into the inner workings, thinkings, and feelings of horse race ownership with a group for which winning and losing matters – where it’s not just about enjoying the thrill of victory, but our very business solvency is on the line.

The Black Cloud Rising podcast will feature managing partner, Mark Esposito, who formed the stable in 2013, and Tony Esposito, who began as lead investor and has grown into a role as business manager, social media and PR director.

Black Cloud Stable earned just $6,000 in our first year, but has steadily ascended and is on pace to exceed $400,000 this year.  Through this podcast we will bring our audience into the depths of the business, the horses, and the people involved.  Come along as we strive to reach the heights of the sport and face off with the big names.

And as we progress and continue to build our brand we hope to bring new investors along for the ride by joining in the horse racing ownership experience.  There’s not quite anything like it.